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Manual Shipping during Unified Order Entry

webmalamawebmalama Member
in Help edited July 2010
Hi foxycart team and forum.

I have a client using foxycart who would like to be able to place an order on a customer's behalf while manually entering the shipping amount based on an offline shipping calculation.

The scenario is: A customer places and order for 10 of 1 item over the telephone.The item is large and heavy and costs about $10 shipping per item when ordered singly. However, if a customer wants to order in bulk, say for 10 of the items, we can package 10 of the item into a different size box and charge a more reasonable amount of shipping.

How can we set it up so that we can enter the order for the customer with a self-calculated shipping cost?

Do we have to establish a rule for shipping cost for all likely order quantities? Or, is there a way to add a text box during check out to manually entering the appropriate shipping rate? Or, is there a different, better way?

Thanks for your support!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey webmalama. You're using unified order entry, right? That allows you to place an order on behalf of a customer. What I'd suggest doing is setting up a category that has a different flat rate shipping setup. Then, depending on how many the customer wants, you add to cart using one category or the other and thus adjust how much shipping you want to charge. Would that work?
  • Thanks for your response and help Luke.

    I am using unified order entry, so yes, that part is all set.

    When you say setting up a category that has a different flat rate shipping, do you mean set up a product category with flat rate shipping for each different quantity we anticipate? For instance: category A could be a "set of 2" and have a flat rate of $10, category B a "set of 4" and have flat rate shipping of $20, etc?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    If possible, yes. If you have a handful of products that'd work. If you have a ton of products you may want to make a UOE order form that actually has an extra input to enter a shipping price, then just add shipping as a cart item and set the amount manually.
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