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merging Foxycary accounts?

leftwaveleftwave Member
in Help edited July 2010

I'm using 0.5.0 and have done lots of customization to a store and therefore do not want to upgrade to 0.6.0.

However, I have configured my clients store under my account. Rather than give her my login info, she has created her own account and activated it (paid FoxyCartmonthly fee). How do I merge the two accounts together so her activation applies to the store I have created?

In the future, I see you have added the feature to add a user to my account. I will be sure to use this.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited July 2010
    Handled via helpdesk.
    Heads up though that you can do this yourself as of v060+. "Add User" nav item in your admin, ftw!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    For what it's worth, upgrades should be rather painless, though 060 did have more changes than most.

    When you do get around to the upgrade (you'll want 061 just for the admin improvements, btw), we recommend setting up another test store, copying all your templates over there and then styling it as needed. Should be pretty straight forward though our wiki makes it sound like a big deal.
  • thanks very much!

    also, i was wondering: is it possible to upgrade the store to 060 and then change it back immediately if i don't like it???
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We always recommend creating a test store first and ensuring your templates have been updated to match. We don't charge anything for a test store so it's a good way to go to try things out. Most things will let you downgrade but I do think there's an upgrade step 060 has for dealing with what used to be fake guest checkouts. Previously if you passed in a value to the checkout page it would for a sort of fake guest checkout but now customers are specifically marked as anonymous or not. There's an upgrade step that takes care of that for you and it is a one-way process. If you weren't using the one time use customer concept of the older versions then you should have nothing to worry about. Check the upgrade docs for more info.
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