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Going Live Tonight: Last Minute Questions

bushybushy Member
in Help edited April 2008
After a lot of tweaking, talking and testing, I'm finally taking my site live tonight. Here are a few last minute questions I'm hoping someone can answer:

1. Does it matter in which in order I "turn on" FoxyCart and my payment gateway?

2. Once I go live is it more or less instantaneous? Or do I need to allow for some sort of a setup period?

3. I incorporated the the Comodo Hacker Guardian logo script on my chackout page. Right now (in test mode) when you mouse over it it pops up a div that says "Server Awaiting Certification." Which isn't all that assuring. Will going live change the message it displays?

Thanks everyone for your help over the past month. :-)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    1. You'll need to have a paid FC account in order to enable a live gateway, but other than that, I'd turn the gateway on first, then switch FoxyCart to use the live gateway.

    2. Should be instantaneous. Even if people are in the middle of a transaction.

    3. No, sorry, that's actually a bit goofy right now. I'd comment it out for the time being. I'll whisper you with details if you want them.
  • bushybushy Member
    Brett: Yup, I now have a paid FC acct as of a few minutes ago. RE this Hacker Safe div, that's OK, I'll just display the logo and comment out the rest of the script. Thx.
  • bushybushy Member
    Well, FWIW, we went live last night and have processed transactions today without incident. Yay!

    There were some things I had to do to prevent some potential error conditions occuring from the interaction of 0.3.2 and CyberSource. I'm thinking I should write them up, just in case they can benefit other folks using CyberSource as their PG. I saw there's a CyberSource page in the wiki (though as of yet it's void of content) so assuming I have privileges to write to it I'll put them there.

    The site (in case anyone's interested) is Jack is a professional fly tyer and author, pretty well known internationally (although unless you're a flyfisherman you'd never have heard of him).
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