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Ireland incorrectly requires a postcode

nathanpitmannathanpitman Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited July 2010
So far as I can tell online Ireland does not have postcodes yet the FoxyCart checkout page seems to require input of a valid postcode when Ireland is selected as a country...? Is this a bug?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Nathan. Do you have any further information on that? What resources have you looked at to get that information? This is an area we haven't researched extensively for every country since each one has different requirements for the state/province and postal code and sometimes it might even be different based on what shipping carrier or payment gateway is in use.

    We've been talking briefly about letting stores define their own required checkout fields, but we haven't finalized anything yet. If it's a problem, you may want to put in some default text there via JavaScript on page load so people don't get confused.
  • Hi Luke, Wikipedia have an article on post codes, apparently Southern Ireland does not use post codes at all - but this might change at some point I guess. It would be great if we could pass a string of 'required' fields to the checkout page which would trump the defaults. :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    So we not only need to worry about different country requirements but also regional requirements within the same country? fun fun fun.

    Your best bet will probably be to pre-populate it with "N/A".
  • Luke, that's a great idea. Thanks! :)
  • Just to confirm, yes the Republic of Ireland does not have general postcodes. Some people incorrectly refer to the republic as Southern Ireland. Northern Ireland is separate from the republic and is part of the UK and hence their post-code system.

    The only place with semi-postcodes in the Republic of Ireland (normally just referred to as Ireland) is the city of Dublin. It has a range of post codes from Dublin 1 to Dublin 18, Dublin 20, Dublin 22 and Dublin 24. These are an important part of the postal delivery system. All other addresses are defined by county. It is mandatory to enter a county as many village names are duplicated across the country. For that purpose, the Dublin post codes are generally treated as counties in Irish online shops.

    With regards to Foxycart therefore, it would be really good if you could add Ireland to your countries for which you automatically offer counties (states) in the check-out dropdown lists (ie. like you do for the US and Australia). This is the most common way how counties are listed in Irish online stores:

    Dublin 1
    Dublin 2
    Dublin 3
    Dublin 4
    Dublin 5
    Dublin 6
    Dublin 7
    Dublin 8
    Dublin 9
    Dublin 10
    Dublin 11
    Dublin 12
    Dublin 13
    Dublin 14
    Dublin 15
    Dublin 16
    Dublin 17
    Dublin 18
    Dublin 20
    Dublin 22
    Dublin 24
    Co. Carlow
    Co. Cavan
    Co. Clare
    Co. Cork
    Co. Donegal
    Co. Dublin
    Co. Galway
    Co. Kerry
    Co. Kildare
    Co. Kilkenny
    Co. Laois
    Co. Leitrim
    Co. Limerick
    Co. Longford
    Co. Louth
    Co. Mayo
    Co. Meath
    Co. Monaghan
    Co. Offaly
    Co. Roscommon
    Co. Sligo
    Co. Tipperary
    Co. Waterford
    Co. Westmeath
    Co. Wexford
    Co. Wicklow

    If you can only do this if there are ISO codes available, then I think you would need to drop the Dublin postcode ones and stick to regular counties only. Dublin City users can then add their postcode into the postcode field?

    HOWEVER, here's an issue: many Irish retailers will ship to Ireland and Northern Ireland only. As Northern Ireland is seen as part of the UK, you cannot separate it out in FoxyCart checkout as the UK does not come with a county list. This is making things very difficult to set up. The only solution I can see is that the UK also gets set up with a county list (non-mandatory). Shop developers in the UK who don't want to use this list can always hide it with CSS. Any other ideas welcome!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for the detailed response! @fc_adam built out the 1.0 location selector and he may have some insights to share as far as how to make something like this work with your own JavaScript and whether or not that's something we can make part of the native FoxyCart system.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting this information! The new foxycomplete functionality is definitely far from complete in terms of it's location data, so we'll definitely update Ireland to match if it does indeed require the counties (and also update it to call them counties rather than 'states').

    If I could clarify something with you. We've been basing our language off of Wikipedia for the most part - and for Ireland it doesn't list the counties being prefixed by "Co." - Is that just a local thing or a official standard? If it is an official standard, could you link us to something for us to reference for that?

    What we're looking at doing is adding in the official Ireland counties to a required county field, and customer can specify the Dublin code as their post code if they need to.
  • In an address, you would generally always add "Co.", e.g:

    Joe Bloggs
    53 Main Street
    Co. Galway

    This is because many counties have towns in them with the same name. For example, the capital of County Galway is Galway. So if we didn't add the word "Co." into the address, then the following address could in theory be mistaken for being in the city of Galway as opposed to just somewhere in County Galway:

    Joe Bloggs
    53 Main Street

    HOWEVER, if the address is in a city or major town, then you generally don't need to add the county. So you don't write:

    Joe Bloggs
    53 Shop Street
    Co. Galway


    Joe Bloggs
    53 Shop Street

    Confused yet? Yes, we do like a bit of variety with our addresses! Of course, there can be house names instead of street numbers, because the majority of country-side residences would not actually have a street name, never mind number .... But we Irish are well used to getting our addresses into standard online forms, so overall it's not an issue and people making deliveries here are well used to it.

    If the "State" field can change to "County", then it's not that important to use the "Co." bit in the dropdown. Your suggestion above is fine and postcodes can be added for Dublin addresses into the postcode field. It's just that many Irish ecommerce systems list the Dublin post codes in their county drop-downs - I guess it's for reporting purposes etc.
  • This link might help with ISO codes for counties:
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    Confused yet?

    A little bit :)

    If the "State" field can change to "County", then it's not that important to use the "Co." bit in the dropdown.

    Yes, that will indeed be the case, the label will be 'County'. We'll work on getting this added to FoxyCart. In the meantime, you can put this right before the closing </head> tag of your checkout template to see what our changes will look like:
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