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Discount by quantity

PhilbyPhilby Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited April 2008
Only noticed this today, while working on jquery translation hacks:
A shop set up with discounts by quantity for the default category (all products have the same discounts: 10+ -$1, 20+ -2$, 100+ -3$).
Ordering 1 unit of product A, 11 units of product B and 21 units of product C, all FoxyCart pages display one discount amount for all products, i.e. "discount -2" for all products, even though product A has no discount, product B has -1 discount, and only product C has -2 discount.
The subtotals and totals are calculated correctly, luckily.

Is this a bug in FoxyCart, or did I do something unwise with jQuery along the way?

Thanks, Phil
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    If I'm understanding correctly, it's the correct behavior. The important thing to realize is that a quantity discount applied at the category level effectively counts the entire category and applies a discount to the entire category. So in your example, you have 33 total products that fall under a single category discount.

    This is really useful, for example, if you want to say "Buy 3 T-Shirts, get 1 Free!" or "Buy any 10 T-Shirts and get additional T-Shirts at 50% off!" You want to apply the discount to an entire category and not just individual items.

    It sounds like what you want to do is quantity discounts on individual items, which is where you'd just want to add the quantity discounts for the specific products. Just add them to your form or link query string and it'll only affect that one item.

    Make sense?
  • Thanks Brett... certainly makes sense, and sorry for obviously not thinking it through myself.
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