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Shop without "Country" and "State"

PhilbyPhilby Member
in Help edited April 2008
This is probably a bit unusual... the shop I'm working on does not need "Country" and "State" input.
Is it possible to instruct FoxyCart to not request these fields?
If it is not possible, can I[ulist]
[li]somehow pre-fill the "Country" field with something else than "US"[/li]
[li]hide this pre-filled "Country" field[/li]
[li]still get the "State" field to display drop-down valid selections based on Country[/li]
  • Oh, by the way: I noticed that the "State" selections available in the Foxycart JS miss any and all german Umlaute... what should be "M
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Country should be pre-filled with the country of the user automatically, using MaxMind's GeoIP database.
    Once it's filled (which is automatic), you could easily hide it with CSS or jQuery.
    State field will function as normal.

    We at FoxyCart don't believe in the umlaute, Philby. Sorry about that. There's something about the little dots that just seems entirely too "cute", so we decided to ignore them.

    Haha, just kidding. We've logged it as a bug, so it should be fixed at some point in the future. (How's that for vague?)
  • Haha... that's simply world-class vague! Well done.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    If you do end up doing some javascripting to prefill the country and state, be sure to pre fill all the fields, including the hidden ones well:
    Our international support is much like the wild west at the moment... there's a lot of work that needs to be done to make it civilized. :)
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