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Status of subscriptions via datafeed?

tookingstookings Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited April 2008
And...last post tonight I promise. This relates to but I want to make sure this is correct.

When a subscription is first run, it sends "next_transaction_date" in the datafeed. On the "next_transaction_date", the subscription re-runs, rebills the customer, and life is good.


1. When the recurring subscriptions re-run, you get a new datafeed post identical to the first datafeed, except the "id", "transaction_date" and "next_transaction_date" would be different. Correct? (And and shipping would be $0.)

2. When does the subscription billing actually run on the "next_transaction_date"? (As in midnight morning, 2AM, noon, midnight night, etc...)

3. If the subscription re-run fails to bill the customer (ie. card declined) what exactly happens? (email to admin, email to customer, error log, datafeed, etc? How long and when does foxycart attempt to retry?)

4. And a bump for the feature request in to allow canceling subscriptions via script -- but I'm happy if this is part of the API once this exists. :)

Thanks much! Foxycart is awesome as usual -- just making sure I have all this straight.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    1) Yes... for now. Eventually we'll support recurring shippable products. We'll probably have the concept of a "template transaction" that will be used to do the reoccurring purchase. We'll probably need a cart add flag or something similar that will let people submit a new subscription and replace the old one. All the details still need to be worked out for this though.
    2) Currently it runs between 4am and 5am PST depending on your store version. This may change over time though, so I wouldn't bank on it.
    3) Currently it just puts an error in the error log and an error on the subscription page. We use this system ourselves and realize it needs some work. We're still not sure what the best process is and for now, we're just leaving it up to the store owners to regularly check their subscriptions page and resend a payment links to their customers as needed for failed subscriptions. We should probably start with an email to the store manager and a link they can forward on to their customer. Even then, we have to figure out who is the primary contact for the store. Sometimes that's the person billed by FoxyCart and sometimes it's one (or more) of the FoxyCart users associated with the store. That's another discussion...
    4) Yea, that would be helpful, especially as part of a "cancel this subscription and setup that one" type deal. Eventually. :)
  • Thanks Luke -- ya'll are always a pleasure to work with!
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