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FedEx estimated shipping time?

joelataylorjoelataylor Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2010
Hi again, :)
Had a client ask for estimated shipping time on the FedEx rates that are shown to the customer on the checkout page.

For example:
FedEx Ground Shipping (5-7 Days) - $10.50
FedEx Express Saver (2-3 Days) - $16.23

Has anyone done this? Do I have to manually add them via JS?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Joeltaylor. Sorry for the delay on this one but we whispered off to one of our team members who is currently out with the flu. In answer to your question, yes you would have to update it via JavaScript. If you search the forum for ajaxcomplete, you might find some examples. Something like this is what you need:
    jQuery("#fc_shipping_methods_inner").ajaxComplete(function(event, request, settings) {
    if (settings.url.indexOf('GetShippingCost') != -1) {
    // do your magic here...
    It might actually be easier to just put in a block of HTML above the shipping rate container explaining the expected delivery times.

    Hope that helps.
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