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a few things

itisnot_meitisnot_me Member
in Help edited September 2010
woot i am getting closer to my software stuff being finished. but i have a few questions to help complete it.

1) lets say that the payment doesnt go through and it gets sent to the datafeed and i suspend the account until the payment is fixed. Do i just send them to there sub_token link to fix it?

2) how i have the payment set up is that they have a monthly flat fee and then they can add more seats (logins) if they need them. now let say that the person wants to add more seats. can i just have a form within there settings to just add to there cart more. How do i have it keep the flat fee and disable it so that they cannot take it off?

3) when the payment gets processed does just the email get posted to the datafeed subscription. or can i grab any info like the first datafeed
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi. Hooray progress!

    1) To clarify: You're talking about an automatic scheduled subscription payment not going through, and it coming through in the sub XML, yes? What we do for FoxyCart's own billing (and have done since v0.6.0) is to generate an email with a note saying their payment failed and they need to update their billing info by clicking the link. That's what we recommend.

    2) There are a few options. The best bet would likely be to use the new (v0.7.0) subscription API to actually modify the subscription record itself. That way you have a little more control.

    The other option would be to use the sub_token with a redirect, so you'd have them click a link to say "upgrade" or "downgrade" or "change # of seats" or whatever, and that link would be the sub_token with a redirect to your form. At that point, any seats added to the order would be added (either as more quantity of the same "seats" product or as a new line-item, depending on how you set up your products) would go into the same subscription.

    As far as preventing the removal of the base product, you could:
    a) prevent modifying that value with javascript;
    b) check the JSON on the cart and checkout and prevent checkout (again, via javascript) if the base product isn't in the cart;
    c) use SSO to do a server-side verification of the cart prior to allowing through to checkout (or payment). This is the most robust but also the more difficult option.

    3) Each and every payment through FoxyCart will generate a transaction XML datafeed with as much info is available. So every automatically run transaction will generate a normal transaction XML datafeed. Alternately, you can use the API to get the XML for any transaction (or subscription) whenever you'd like.

    Does all that help?
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