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Is there a way to add Mr./Mrs./Dr. salutations to Step 2 (Billing info)? Also a way to add a space for someone to enter their title?

BTW: Brand new to this.

Many thanks!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yes there is...
    First create a custom field on checkout:

    Then move it where you want it:

    Takes a little bit of know-how, but it's definitely doable. Let us know if you have any problems.
  • Great, thanks. Another questions (that I can't find in support).

    I have my first cart set up and I'm in the process of testing it. I can get items into the cart, but it will not allow to update items once they're in the cart (ie. change quantity from 12 to 8). I'm working with LightCMS and followed all the instructions. Is this feature disabled because I haven't signed up for month sub. yet?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    No, that's definitely not a feature. :)

    Do you have an example link we could take a look at and the step-by-step process to reproduce the problem?

    We're changing the cart update process a bit in the next version and one of the changes addressed a potential problem with the cart update. If you can reproduce the problem, we'll look into pushing that change back to 0.3.2 as well.

  • bridge3196bridge3196 Member
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    These two pages are 'hidden' in LightCms

    Sample Product page:

    Cart Template:

    As you'll see, you can add the item, but can't update the quantities. I haven't touched the styling yet.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Ahh... now I see. You need to add the foxycart include files as well as a class "foxycart" to all your cart add and view links. Foxycart is not setup to be a standalone page as you have it. The cart should be a modal window, not a full page. Check out the example at

    Start with this page for more information.

    Also, you have 5 javascript errors on that page which is probably preventing the cart update from taking place. I suggest getting FireBug for FireFox and start debugging the javascript errors.

    Please let us know if we can help further.
  • You know what, sometimes you just need to wipe the slate clean and start over! And that is what I did, thanks to my daughter making me take her for a walk. Anyway, thanks for your speedy response. I started over, using the defaults and everything seems to be working nicely now. I am working on styling the templates and that should do it.

    Many thanks! It's a pleasure to have the support and so quickly to boot.

    Thanks again!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Heads up that there are actually some LightCMS specific steps you might need to take:

    Specifically, if you're going to use the automagicache functionality of FoxyCart to cache your template you'll need to manually remove the form tag that wraps the entire page generated by Light. Also, depending on which types of links you're adding in Light (the automatic link method or hardcoding links in the templates) you might need to add a different bit of javascript because you don't actually have control over the class of the links you add.

    That wiki page about LightCMS should be relatively complete, but if you have problems just let us know. Also let Element Fusion know that you're using LightCMS + FoxyCart. As I'm sure you know, they're a great company, and the more LightCMS + FoxyCart users there are, the more it'll make sense for us to work together to make things easier to integrate the two systems.
  • Indeed I will. LightCMS is an excellent product for us designers.

    I actually got everything to work beautifully, even started to style may pages and all that good stuff.

    Made a huge, unbelievably stupid error and did not check the payment gateways. The client I'm working for is a non profit and the have a PayPal standard account. Of course I talked FC up and got them to take the FC subscription, but upgrading to PayPal pro at $30mo. just isn't an option at this point.

    At least I've learned how to integrate FC + Light, so maybe I'll be able to use it for the next client. Or I'll have to wait until you over PalPay standard.

    :) Great service though. Love it.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    CDG might be an acceptable option, as it's only $10/mo (+$6/mo for AmEx). Odds are they're gonna need to be able to accept donations by credit card so them having a virtual terminal is probably something that's worth an extra $16/mo. Both Luke and I do quite a bit of work with non-profits and every non-profit I've ever worked with had at least a basic merchant account to accept donations by credit card.

    So it's probably worth considering, if nothing else.

    Adding PayPal Standard is definitely a requested feature though, and we'll get to that at some point. Please vote for it here so we can keep track of your request:
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