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Requested Feedback for First FoxyCart

Requested Feedback for First FoxyCart

This site was created for demo purposes to integrate foxycart with my CMS (written in ASP).
The company is totally fictitous and should not be confused any companies dba "Cupcake Heaven".

The site is connected to the live server and no orders will be made.

Although my main concern here is to get foxycart working with my CMS I did try to style everything very cohesively.

For example it should never look like you are leaving the site or using any other products (excpet for PayPal).

The Cart pop up should look similar to the message pop up after the contact form is filled out on the "contact Heaven" page, colors, froms, etc.

Please take a look and let me how I did.

*I know the CSS is a bit of the mess, at first I was trying to use only 1 style sheet, but need a few in order for the styles to override - so there is overlap, will clean up later.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey CK.
    That's a great looking FC integration, _especially_ for a first attempt. I'd love to know more about your CMS. But at first glance it looks fantastic.
  • thank you very much.
    I'm still trying to figure out he shipping and handling.

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