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Is this possible? Invoicing?

lobstersanlobstersan Member
in General edited May 2008
I'm looking for a simple solution to accepting payments for services rendered. Specifically, I am acting as an auction deputy and I purchase items for people that can not otherwise buy them and then ship the items to them. As such, the pricing of the items is going to vary widely and is unique to each purchase. The best way I can see doing this at the moment is an invoicing system, in which I send the auction winner an e-mail invoice with a link to an individually customized foxycart checkout page.

Would Foxycart be able to handle something like this? The only alternative I've found so far is PayPal's basic e-mail invoicing system, but I hate that you can't customize their templates and that they make the non-paypal payment gateway so difficult to find.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    It certainly would. There are better invoicing systems out there, but none I've seen that offer the degree of flexibility on the checkout that FoxyCart does.

    What I'd do would be to create custom "add-to-cart" links with cart=checkout so they go directly to checkout, then use tinyURL or a similar service to email the link to the customer. Customer gets the link in the email, clicks and goes directly to checkout.

    How's that sound?
  • Hmm, yes yes, this does seem very promising indeed. I think this will work well for my current purposes. Thank you for the speedy response.
  • cfncfn Member
    edited June 2008
    The value for the price is excellent with FoxyCart, and I've found this system to work very, very well.

    I think some gratitude can be expressed to the developers who also thought ahead to integrate some low cost merchant gateways like CDG.
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