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Can I use Thickbox for something other than the cart?

vossavantvossavant Member
in Help edited October 2010
Hi guys,

Just set up a new test store with 0.7.0, and really like some of the improvements you've made, including the new Thickbox.

I'd really like to use the exact same Thickbox you have as a modal window elsewhere on the site, for consistency.

Is it possible for me to take advantage of the included files and call my own Thickbox when a link is clicked?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @vossavant.
    "Thickbox" actually refers to the specific code that we used to use. The default as of v0.7.0 is now Colorbox, and you can for sure use it elsewhere. Colorbox is a really nice script that's super versatile. Check their site for more info, or Google for tutorials and such (not sure but I imagine there are some out there).
  • Thanks Brett, I'm glad you narrowed it to Colorbox, since there are several "suggested alternatives" now that Thickbox is no longer maintained.

    For anyone else looking to launch a colorbox, all you need to do is add this:
    $('a.myclassname').colorbox( { transition:'fade', speed:500 } )

    Documentation can be found here.
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