IE8 pop up problems

leehughesleehughes Member
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Still having problems with my pop ups.. Afte the update correction, i'm having problems with IE8.. see screenshot

That's all that happens..
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    edited November 2010
    Hello lee. Do you have a link where we can take a look? I just get an admin login prompt at the url in the screenshot. If you want to whisper the credentials so we can take a closer look, that might help.

    Does the colorbox show up later down the page? Are you including jQuery more than once? Do you have any dynamic links generated on your page?
  • Response to whisper,

    Hi Luke,

    Yes i can confirm that it was the lightbox plugin that was causing a conflict.

    What would be the best opinion? Find another plugin or use a work around?
  • Update:

    I have deleted the lightbox plugin and replaced it with a colourbox plugin.

    So far so good. Every browser I test every thing is working :)
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