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Our finished WordPress integration

sccr410sccr410 Member
in General edited November 2010

Just launched yesterday :)

This is a custom integration of WordPress + FoxyCart.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Very cool!

    Thanks for sharing. Looks really nice and a cool idea too.
  • @sccr410

    The site looks great. I'm working on a wordpress/foxycart integration right now. One quick question: How did you get the checkout page properly cached?

    Also did you use a custom page template for your products (a la the video tutorial from css tricks)?


  • capacitroncapacitron Member
    edited February 2011
      [li]Create a page called “Checkout” and add this code (with the carets aka hat marks) ^^checkout^^ [/li]
      [li]Publish it and copy the full page path URL to your clipboard (i.e.[/li]
      [li]Login to and go to: Templates/Checkout. Paste the URL down in the "remote template url:" field and hit the "cache your URL" button.[/li]
      [li]After it finishes loading be sure to hit "update template at the bottom"[/li]
      [li]Then visit: and see how it looks.[/li]
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