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Custom form, then checkout?

in Help edited November 2010
Hey guys -

I'm trying to create a different process for a more unique type of ordering on a particular part of my client's website. In short, he does have regular products so what FoxyCart does there is perfect and already setup/working.

He does have another section where a user can submit an idea for design, pay a fee, then he'll have his designer spend time on their idea and try to get the idea to market.

Basically for this to work we need to have a form gather info (like a survey), then process. I'm possibly okay with modifying the checkout template for this separate one-off use, but I don't see a way to specify a checkout template PER category.

So we have two options:
    [li]Create a separate form on our website, gather the info like normal, then pass the user (after submission) automatically to a FoxyCart checkout routine[/li]
    [li]Or, just have the user go to a FoxyCart checkout page that asks certain questions for that one category (since no shipping is charged for this submission) and let the info (survey) as well as payment info be filled out at the same time, on FoxyCart checkout page[/li]

...have at it. Interested to know what you all think. This is definitely a bit more unique than what I typically put FoxyCart through :)
  • Keep in mind that I have no idea (even after searching) how to accomplish either of those two options, so direction in the form of an example is appreciated if such a documentation exists. Looking for something super simple here if possible, since this client's budget is nearly exhausted.
  • edited November 2010
    This may be along the lines of what I'm searching for. Basically a donation page, but I'm calling it something else. We're using Wordpress on this website, but ultimately it's still just a form that's posting to FoxyCart. If I'm waaaaay off base, let me know. I may be onto something here though.[]=post&s[]=form
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey ashworth. That link is specifically for light_cms as a hack workaround for some funky stuff they do with forms so you shouldn't pay it much attention.

    It sounds like you just need an add to cart form with a textarea or input fields for collecting comments as part of the product option, right? It sounds really straight forward... not sure if I'm making it too simple though so maybe I misunderstood you.

    Just create a form, point it to your FoxyCart, make sure it has a "name" input and a "price" input and then add any other input fields to the form you want. They will all get added as product options for that entry without any problems. Make sense? If I'm over simplifying something, please let me know.
  • Yes!!! :)

    I spoke with the client this morning actually and that's essentially what we want to do. Have a form on a page just post to FoxyCart and automatically throw them into a checkout process for that one item. Modifying the checkout form template for this one product/sale was a poor approach to this so I'm glad form submission is possible.

    So how do I go about this? What URL do I post to and how? I'm sure there's a guide but I've been unable to find it. I have a feeling that the price/name would just be input type="hidden" in this specific case.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey ashworth. Have you tried working with the "sample code" listed in the admin? Just start with that and use whatever form fields you want and it should add to your cart just fine.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Quick followup: Depending on the amount of input you're expecting from potential customers, it might be a little weird. There are 1024 character limits on product option values, and they'll display in the cart, so if you're asking for a lot of info in your product form it might actually make sense to perhaps modify your approach.
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