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hi All
Just fund you foxy from modx
Very questions
1. Where is the customer data base.
Example if customer starts check out by entering there email and drops off. Where can I find that email address. or a place were all registered users are ?
2. I need to install analytics like google or something but I can not tag the check out or the thank you page. ?
3.Where can I get a list of the server side variables. I need this to pass information to by analytics software.
4. Also how to import and create add to cart link on a mass scale (600 products with 2 tier discounts on qty)

Also this is a note to admin
How many active customers do you guys have. because I only saw 2 examples of live sites ?

FYI So far This is a super cool cart
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Milkman. Glad you found us. Answers:

    1. If you're talking about goal/funnel tracking, that can be done with Google Analytics (or anything comparable). If you're talking specifically about customer information, and when it's collected on an abandoned cart, you can get most of that in the error logs (in your admin), which are kind of cool. Because it's a one-page checkout, there's no real way to get customer information if they get to the checkout page but then abandon it, since they never really logged in. Does that make sense? If you feel like we're missing something, let us know and we'll see if we can add it.

    2. Google Analytics (the complete ecommerce tracking array with products and such) is done automatically on the receipt page. Just make sure you have your Google Analytics code on your receipt template, and call ^^analytics_google^^ after that: http://wiki.foxycart.com/docs:placeholders

    3. Near-Complete list: http://wiki.foxycart.com/docs:placeholders

    4. Since FoxyCart doesn't handle any of the product catalog (CMS) functionality, that'd be a MODx question. We'll be creating a MODx tutorial soon, but if you understand the basics of MODx it should be pretty easy to add an "Add to cart" link/form to a template using TVs (for price, name, category, etc.).

    As far as the discounts go:
    Quantity discounts aren't currently available (unless you want to do it pre-add-to-cart with js or something). We've had a lot of requests though so they'll likely be coming in the near future.

    User group discounts, however, are easily possible with a snippet and MODx's user management. We have at least one or two stores currently doing that.

    We'll be adding more examples of live sites in the next couple of days. We're new, so we don't have a ton of live stores, but we did process over [many thousands of dollars worth] of transactions the back half of last week, so it does indeed work. That said, we're still beta, so there are going to be a few minor bumps.

    Thanks for the "super cool" compliment. We've worked hard on it!
  • Hi Brett
    Good to know someone is on the forms
    I really like this simple cart and the web 2.0 I am part of a Good size network we do about a few million dollars a year online. We are using asp.net for the most part. But now we are pushing out a new style of websites into our network which sell only 2-4 products and this would be perfect for it.

    Few other question
    What is the best way to pull down orders to process them ? I only see the CSV feed.
    I am also new to modx so bare with me. Would by registered users be managed from modx or foxy

  • Also about the place holders I dont see one for products in cart
    For before the check out is complete and after the check out is complete
  • Also as far as the Modx and foxy interaction I know you said you are working on a guide but can you give me some pointers on how to get it started.
  • Sorry for so many questions but I guess this will help everyone

    How do you cross sell on check out page or upsell
    In the check out page where would be a radio box for gift wrapping and a $3.00 charge would get added to the cart

    Coupon Codes
    Is there any
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Lots of questions! That's great, we love questions ;)

    "Best way to pull down orders to process them"
    Not sure exactly what you mean by "process", but FoxyCart can be set to send XML of each and every order (with complete details, except the CC#) to a URL of your choosing. You can then parse the XML and do whatever you want to do with it (like add it to a mailing list or modify your inventory system, check the following links for examples):

    Coupon codes: coming soon, along with bulk code generation for use with mail merges and stuff like that.

    Cross-sell / upsell: There's currently no way to do this on the _checkout_ page, but there is a way you could pull it off. (I haven't tested any of the following, but conceptually it should work.) We built in "hooks" to the "foxybox" (modified Thickbox), and one of the hooks is on close (which _should_ fire when you hit "checkout"). So you could create a javascript function called fc_BuildFoxyCart (as described here: http://wiki.foxycart.com/docs:json ) that'd redirect to a cross-sell page or launch another modal window to upsell some gift wrapping. You could even use the JSON object (described in the wiki page just referenced) to look through the cart and cross sell.

    One method that could work. Let me know what you think.

    As far as MODx pointers... without going into detail, I'd do this:
    1. Create a chunk with an "add to cart" link or form.
    2. Populate that link or form with template variables (like href="https://yourdomain.foxycart.com/cart?name=[*pagetitle*]&price=[*price*]"), where [*price*] represents a TV named "price".
    3. Add that chunk to your product page template.

    Did I miss any questions? Let me know how that helps. If you have specific followup questions on any of this, try starting a new forum thread with a new title to keep things clear.
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