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itisnot_meitisnot_me Member
in Help edited November 2010
ok so i have been doing some debugging and problem solving here is what i noticed.

recap of my set up. there is a base price for the software and then if they want they can add additional seats but that is optional.

1. The sub_token_url is only attached to the first product. but the first product is my base product and i do not need to grab its info. i even tried to do an if statement to see if the token != '' and if it does then lay down the variable collector. but it does not collect anything.

i have done something like this for whether the product code == something then i grab the product quantity. this works so why doesnt it for the sub token

2. when i re-feed the transaction it also doesnt send through the subtoken
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    What version is your FoxyCart store on? It sounds like you may be pre v0.7.0, which could present challenges. That said though, if both the base and the seats have the same frequency and start/end dates, they should be on the same subscription (and therefor the same sub_token).
  • my cart is on 7.0. and i have made sure that everything is the same. both the base and the seats have the same frequency and start/end dates. so im lost at what to do. even my little fix didnt work.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We're dealing with another issue too. You mind if we finish that one before we start on this one? They might be related.
  • sry. just happy to making progress so i can get it done finally. haha

  • bump.
    any idea as to why this would not be working? do you need me to whisper my code?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Can you paste the XML you're dealing with and the code you're using to parse that xml? That might be helpful as I'm not clear on what you're trying to accomplish. Actually... maybe I should back up... are you saving off the XML to a file or a database so you can look at it directly? That would be the first step and then right some tests against that XML.
  • the only work around i can think of is
    			if($product->sub_token_url != ""){
    			$sub_token_url = $product->sub_token_url;

    but i get the feeling that i shouldnt have to do that
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