Expression Engine Help?

christofmeyerchristofmeyer Member
in Help edited May 2008
If anyone has had success in setting up the CoolCommerce to link FoxyCart to Expression Engine I would love to have a little help.

I guess my main problem is I don't totally understand how the integration is supposed to work between the two. I have set up my site in the FoxyCart admin using default everything - hoping that I can go over to the EE module and handle everything from there. But after I put in the FC scripts in my EE template "checkout" and load the page, I get an error that says:

"oldfaithful is currently not setup (which by the way should say "set [space] up"). Please ensure that the store is fully configured (shipping, categories, and templates). If that doesn't solve your problem, make sure you are calling the script with the same subdomain as you have set in your store settings. If you still have problems..."

Does anyone have any idea what's going on and/or what I can do to get back on the right track?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Is there a URL that we can take a look at? Whisper it to me if you'd like to keep it private.
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