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subscription upgrades

nkalushnkalush Member
in General edited November 2010
I have a site with 3 levels of subscription (free, $30, and $50) and I want to let users upgrade from the $30 option to the $50 option easily. I was going with paypal's standard button deal until I learned that they do not allow an increase of more than 20% on subscription modifications, which caused me to have to look for another option. Foxy cart says they handle subscriptions, but I need to know if it will allow me to do what I want and I haven't seen anything about upgrading subscriptions (Or I have missed it...) and since there is only one subscription level on the site, and none of the examples seem to be for subscriptions, I can't just assume it will work.

Thanks for any future help, also foxy cart looks like a great application.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Good question. FoxyCart's PayPal Standard subscriptions have the same limitations you've discovered, but "normal" (non-PayPal) subscriptions have none (or, not many). The trick may be with making the upgrade process easy. You could do it, but you may need to use the API to automate a little of it.

    Lots of options, and lots of flexibility. With the API (or without it, just a little trickier) you can change basically _anything_ to do with a subscription. We'd be happy to explore options with you. One big question is how you want people to manage their subscriptions, and if they'll be tied to any other systems (like your CMS's users and permissions).
  • Thanks, glad to hear foxycart will work. I'll see if my client is okay with the pricing, and then I'll be back with all sorts of fun and interesting questions.

    "One big question is how you want people to manage their subscriptions, and if they'll be tied to any other systems (like your CMS's users and permissions)."
    I do need subscriptions tied to the database for permissions throughout the site, I was using paypal's IPN before, which notifies a script on our site when a payment goes through, does foxycart do something similar or is that something that comes from the merchant or gateway?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yes, FoxyCart has what we call our Instant XML Datafeed:
    There's also a daily subscription XML datafeed (which can be triggerd via the API as well as of v0.7.1):

    I'm looking forward to the interesting questions. Helping figure out the best approach to custom e-commerce requirements is always fun.
  • Hi Brett,

    I am also interested in having a kind of membership option, where users can choose an entry level membership (say, $10), and then upgrade at any time to higher levels of membership (say, $20, $30, etc). Here are a few questions that I thought of just now...

    [li]If I upgrade my membership mid month, do I pay the lower rate for half the month, then get upgraded to the higher price the next time my subscription cycles?[/li]
    [li]Is it possible to pro-rate a subscription?[/li]
    [li]Is it possible to trigger a subscription upgrade automatically? To be more specific, we have a site where people can post up to X items at a certain level of membership. If they post above that, their membership gets auto-bumped. I understand this would be my system telling Foxycart to do things, but...just curious if that sounds feasible to you.[/li]

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    Yup, this would work. Check this thread where we've just been discussing it:

    Basically, you can change anything about the subscription at any time by changing the start date and passing in some XML which tells the subscription what the new template transaction should look like (price, name, etc). As far as pro-rating, since you can't do a one-time payment via this method I think you'd need to just let them pay the lower rate through the end of the month OR change their subscription to start TODAY and they would essentially lose any partial month that they had.

    I suppose you could set the subscription to start today with a calculated pro-rated amount and then have your system update it the next day to be the new monthly payment with the old start date. That would be a pretty complicated setup, though.

    Checkout the API and the XSD which defines the template_transaction. That holds the key to changing subscription price.
  • sparkwebsparkweb Member, Integration Developer, FoxyShop, Order Desk
    edited October 2011
    Luke, is this is the correct XML format from the XSD template?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Looks right, just wrap the whole thing in a
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