"Per product" shipping with quantities

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I just posted a shipping option in the MODx forums (http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,15055.msg100098.html#msg100098). The text is below.

One shipping configuration I've used and love is a per product pricing such as:
T-Shirts: 1:3.00;3:2.50;0:2.00

What this does for shipping costs is:
$3.00 - First item
$2.50 - next 2 items
$2.00 - each additional item after that

One problem I ran into was for multiple products. The shipping is added for each product and can be too expensive. So a modification I made to this for one store was:
Get the total shipping for all products, then make the final shipping the most expensive.

I have the code for this if you'd like to see it.
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