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Orders and products

pbuickpbuick Member
in Help edited September 2007
After looking for a shopping cart solution for the past 3 months, I think that foxy cart may just be the ticket. However, I am confused on a few points and am looking for some clarification.

It seems that with most shopping carts there is some place with in the admin interface to “add a product” Am I correct to understand that with foxy cart this is not that case, that with foxy cart you include/send that information via links or forms to foxy cart, and that there is no “interface” to develop these links?

Secondly, It does not seem that there is any way to process orders. What I am looking for is a way to log in and see what orders need to be shipped, and then ship them. Is there an easy way do this with foxy cart.

Thanks in advance for your help, I can find my way around HTML and CSS, but am rather dangerous when it come to programming languages.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting. We searched for a couple years and finally gave up... that's when FoxyCart was born.

    FoxyCart is unique in that we don't pretend to know how you'd like to run your business. We just handle the cart and the checkout process. We give you full control to manage everything else. Take a look at the XML datafeed in the docs. That enables you to integrate your orders with whatever system you're using to run your business, manage customers, handle product inventory, cycle stock, etc, etc...

    If you're just using something simple like Excel, you can just export your orders directly from the transaction history page.

    We currently don't have an interface because we're also unique in that we aren't a Content Management System (CMS). If you want to use something like MODx or Joomla, that's where you'd create your links. Eventually we will have a tool for creating encrypted links, but we haven't gotten to that yet.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.
  • Thanks luke,

    in fact what I like about foxy cart is that its not a CMS, well that and its appears to be easily customizable with CSS among other things.

    Upon researching further it looks like I need to learn a bit more about parsing a XML data feed into a database. Since my current need for foxy cart will only have about 15 products max, I am more concerned with how we process orders.

    How are subscriptions reflected in the XML data feed and email alerts? In other words will I see the order placed in each of these every time it reoccurs?

    Thanks for all quick help.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    If you need help with the XML, feel free to post here. We've already done an example with MODx and Campaign Monitor using PHP. If you're using .NET or ColdFusion or whatever, we'd love to share the knowledge.

    And, Yes, each subscription order will come in as a new transaction and if you have the admin e-mail template configured, you'll receive an e-mail. The XML will have the subscription frequency and start date.

    One of example of how that can be used for a subscription-based website or service is to use the XML to update an expiration date for your customer. If their subscription renewal doesn't go through automatically next time, the expiration date won't get reset and they will eventually expire.

    Hope that helps.
  • Good to know, So does Foxy Cart send out a new XML file each time there is an order, or does is add to the existing one and send it again?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    It checks the database every minute for new transactions and sends an XML file with each transaction that hasn't already been successfully sent. A "successful" send is determined by your application. If your app replies with "foxy", the transaction for the data feed will be marked as fed. :)

    An example of how to work with the data feed can be found here:
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