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How do I cancel my account?

jdtsignshopjdtsignshop Member
in General edited June 2008
Can someone tell me where to go to cancel my account. I am still in the trial period and dont want to be charged. I have a different cart I have started to use.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    jdtsignshop: Currently we don't have a trial period. We let you test with our system as long as you like. When you're ready to go live with a store, that's when you start the subscription with us which enables you to setup a live payment gateway. Do you mind if I ask where you heard about a trial period?

    We would really appreciate hearing about the other cart you're using, what benefits it offers over FoxyCart and why you've chosen to go with that cart. We're pretty serious about improving this product, so any feedback you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

    Please feel free to whisper back if you'd be more comfortable with that.

    Thank you!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Jason.
    You started getting charged when you hit the link to make your store live and went through our checkout and entered your credit card info. If that was confusing, let us know. You can use FoxyCart as long as you want without paying, but as soon as you actually want to use a live gateway you'll have to have a paying account.

    Everybody starts somewhere, so don't worry about not understanding it entirely right away.

    Have you checked out the "Getting Started" section of our documentation: ?
    Of particular interest is

    FoxyCart is different than most cart systems in that you control your products on your own site. So if you have a page for 6'x12' Banner (for example), you'd just add a link or form to that page. The categories are useful for setting default information for products. So if some products have flat shipping, or higher handling fees, or quantity discounts, or require custom emails to be sent, that's all possible with the categories. The products, however, are entirely up to you, and are not entered into FoxyCart at all. This eliminates most of the duplication of data you'll get with other systems. So you'd add the category attribute (&category=my_category for a link; <input name="category" value="my_category" for a form) to the product link or form, then that product will get all the values from that category.

    So that leads into: Do you have a solid understanding of how to build a form or a link? That's the most important part, and really isn't as hard as you might think.

    As far as shipping rounding things up, I believe that most carriers will round up for the entire shipment, but FoxyCart shouldn't be rounding up per item (only per shipment). So 3 .7lb items should == 2.1lbs, which gets sent to the carrier and the carrier rounds up to 3lbs (or whatever).

    How's all that sound?
  • Brett or Luke:

    Which of the following do I need to use when setting up the website payments pro via paypal.

    Grant API Permission to your shopping cart or solution provider if the cart will make API calls on your behalf.
    Request API Credentials to create an API username and password for either your preintegrated shopping cart or a custom solution that you are developing.

    Please Advise ASAP
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey Jason.
    I was going to say "Try to keep questions on the original topic," but seeing as the original topic was you canceling your account I think we're sufficiently off-topic that it doesn't matter ;)

    Check the wiki:

    Let me know if that helps.
  • Thanks Brett

    Sorry For the OFF Topic, I was just presented with that question and was caught off guard.

    Thanks a bunch
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