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Offline processing - is this ending?

skiski Member
in Help edited February 2011

I read somewhere here that offline processing will be taken down as an option at some point. Is there an ETA on when this might happen? This will cause significant problems for our business if/when this happens, and we need time to organize a payment gateway (which is proving difficult). We are a Canadian business, so our options for payment gateways are somewhat limited. Does PSIGate still work well with FoxyCart?


  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Mark.
    We'll be providing more details to all affected stores with plenty of warning (~6 months, likely), and part of that will be ensuring that additional gateways are supported as needed. (In the US there are plenty of good options, but in Canada you are indeed limited, so we'll make sure we support at least another Canadian gateway before we pull the plug.) Unless you simply _can't_ use a gateway for one reason or another, you should be fine.

    But yes, we will be phasing it out this year. While technically allowed between PCI compliant entities, we've found that many merchants opted for this approach not for advanced needs but rather to save a little money every month. With PayPal Standard now supported, and with the reality of PCI being significantly more costly to maintain than a gateway fee, we have decided to phase it out to reduce our liability.

    We know it could be a big change for some merchants, but ultimately it will lead to reduced costs, security risks, and compliance burdens for the vast majority of the merchants currently taking advantage of it. We'll be communicating more about it, but in the meantime if you want to explore your gateway options and vote for what you want it'd be a good move:
  • Thanks for the quick feedback Brett, much appreciated. We will continue to look into payment gateways.
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