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Free shipping to US, extra charge for shipping to Canada

BillDABillDA Member
in Help edited February 2011
My store at offers free shipping to all our customers. Recently, we've had some interest from Canadian customers. It costs us extra to ship to Canada, so I want to add a shipping charge if the customer enters a Canadian address.

Is there a way to automatically show $0 shipping for most of my customers that have US addresses, but dynamically add an extra $5 shipping if they enter a Canadian address on the checkout page?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey BillDA. There are some tweaks here that may help:

    You'll probably need to use some JavaScript to either adjust a flat rate shipping amount or add a handling fee depending on the country. How's your JavaScript? We can recommend some developers if that will help. Our next version will focus on shipping improvements to make this stuff easier.
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