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The First (I think) FoxyCart-Integrated Fulfillment Option - Use Shipwire with "FoxyWire"

BillDABillDA Member
in General edited February 2011
Hey everyone - I've been on FoxyCart for a few months now and have loved not only the product, but the awesome community that Brett, Luke, & Co have built around FoxyCart.

I noticed that there weren't any really tight integrations between FoxyCart and fulfillment providers, meaning that as FoxyCart merchants we were really on our own for figuring out how to get orders shipped to our customers. I had been using a custom piece of code to parse my datafeed and interface with a company called Shipwire - it worked well, and Shipwire has been a great fulfillment partner.

I spent some time this past week cleaning up my custom code to create FoxyWire - an automatic, out-of-the-box, no coding required integration between FoxyCart and the Shipwire API that anyone can use. To my knowledge, it's the only integration in existence for FoxyCart with any 3rd party shipper - making it pretty much the fastest way to get set up with fulfillment for a new FoxyCart merchant.

Since the guys at FoxyCart and in this community have been super-helpful, I've decided to make FoxyWire free for everyone to use. Brett has kindly listed it in the FoxyCart integrations wiki, and I've worked with the guys over at Shipwire to make it their official integration with FoxyCart.

Although there is absolutely no coding required to get started, I've built FoxyWire by developers for developers. If you care to look, FoxyWire keeps a full audit history of every bit of XML sent between FoxyCart and Shipwire, so you can see exactly what's happening and why.

If you're currently using Shipwire for fulfillment, check out FoxyWire as an alternative to your current custom code - it's cleaner, has a pretty UI, and is actively maintained. If you're a new merchant looking for a fulfillment provider, consider using FoxyWire to plug into ShipWire - I don't know that there is a way to hit the ground running any more quickly.

Thanks again to Brett and the guys at FoxyCart for building the great API and XML datafeed that makes FoxyWire possible. I'll be around the forums if anyone needs help getting set up or has any questions.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for posting, Bill. We're excited to see how this works for FoxyCart users. It's probably worth talking about how great Shipwire is as a solution, but you may be the better person to do that (seeing as we don't ship anything on our end).
  • Hey Brett - don't want to sound like a Shipwire commercial, but their service is pretty slick. The whole idea is that they have 5 warehouses (LA, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, London) - you just ship inventory to any or all of them, and Shipwire automatically decides which warehouse to fulfill out of based on whichever is cheapest to the customer's address. They're also very competitively priced with other fulfillment providers (believe me, I've looked at a lot). Shipwire is a good solution because you can instantly have a Fortune 500 class supply chain in the USA, Canada, and Europe, all with one provider, and without worrying about anything - just send your FoxyCart orders over with FoxyWire, and it all just works.
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