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carlinolegendcarlinolegend Member
in General edited June 2008
I love Foxycart! and I would like to develop my online store with your great cart.

Unfortunately, I'm living in Spain and my currency is Euro.

Is it possible to use Foxycart! in Spain? Do you know a payment gateway in Spain or another Europe country (and not UK) that work with your cart? Can I use Euros?

Thank you!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    We currently don't have any Spanish gateways, but we WILL be adding gateways as we move forward. Please PLEASE let us know what you'd like to see added:

    You can use the € symbol currently in FoxyCart, and in the meantime while we add more gateways you can definitely use the offline processing method and run the transactions yourself with the virtual terminal your gateway likely provides.

    Also worth noting is that our next version will allow ALL the text that FoxyCart outputs to be controlled and customized, so you can make all your customer facing language en español or whatever you'd like.

    Ojala que esta información es bueno. Me encanta a España, y después de algunos cosas nuevas en la FoxyCart sistema tendremos un forum mejor con una sección español.
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