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Changing "Login or Register" Heading For "One-Time-Use" When Using Text Style Sheet

adenwattsadenwatts Member
in Help edited June 2008
Switching the checkout into “one-time-use” user mode is documented very well:

The problem is, if you're using the "stripped down" text style sheet, the heading above the email field still says, "Login or Register," which doesn't make sense if it's set-up for one-time-use.

Is there any way to change the heading for that section (e.g. have it say "Email" kinda like it does on the "standard" style sheet) using text instead of images.

Thank you,

Aden Watts
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    0.4.0 (our next version) will have complete language customization, but for now:

    ...shoot, I thought it was on our FAQ but it's not.

    Basically, you'd add some jQuery (at the bottom of your page) like this (inside a script tag):

    You can select the elements you want using typical CSS syntax. So '#checkout fieldset legend" would work. Or something like that. If that doesn't get you where you need to go just let us know.
  • adenwattsadenwatts Member
    edited June 2008
    Do you have any idea when version 0.4.0 will be ready?

    Also, how would changing the wording on the checkout page using jQuery affect the wording on the receipt page and in emails?
  • Okay. I don't know any javascript, and even though the syntax of the jQuery you wrote up above looks pretty straight forward, I don't get how to select just the heading; it seems like the only id that would be close would be "fc_login_register_container," but that seems like it would select the whole div, not just the heading.

    Could you show me exactly what the jQuery to change the <h2>Login or Register</h2> to <h2>Email</h2> would look like. It would help a ton! Thanks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    For jQuery you can select elements just like CSS, so:
    $j('#fc_login_register_container legend, #fc_login_register_container h2').html('Email');

    Changing it that manner doesn't affect the receipt or emails at all, but if you want to generate a custom email, check the script here:

    0.4.0 will be ready when it's ready, but we are getting much closer. I know that's a lame answer, but we're still in the process of testing, and we're still finding a few issues. If you'd like to help us test it, let me know and we can give you access before we release it publicly.
  • Thank you very much. You guys rock!

    My one-time-use checkout now says "Customer Email" instead of "Login or Register." And, that makes a lot more sense to me.
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