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International Shipping

anaisanais Member
in Help edited June 2008
We have a newly set up FoxyCart store. We had a customer from the UK attempting to make an order but there were no shipping options. I was able to see that the customer was seeing and confirm.

In SHIPPING config for USPS international services we had only checked 'priority mail international flat rate envelope.' Our fulfillment company has indicated this is the best most cost effective method of mailing internationally.

After looking at the UK problem, I went in to SHIPPING config and added the rest of the USPS int'l options which were not express-orientec. I went back into the cart and attempted to make the UK order, and one shipping option appeared, for the cost of $24.

My fulfillment company tells me they can ship USPS flat rate envelopes to Mexico and Canada for $10; all other international for $12.

Is there anything I can do about this -- or is it a programmer job in shipping options?

In the meantime, we are charging, in some cases, double what it's going to cost us for shipping. The upside is that at least those customers are able to make their orders.

Would appreciate help with this -- somewhat timely.


  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Anais, have you checked the weights of your products? We're doing a live USPS rate request and it sends the total product weight along with the source and destination locations. You can specify a weight for each product as you add it to the cart or you can just use the default weight configured in the product category you're using. Often, a rate request is made with a total product weight greater than the allowable weight for a given shipping method.

    You may also want to try running a rate request directly on USPS' website. There may be some addresses they just won't ship to.
  • anaisanais Member
    Luke....yes, we do specify weights. We had our fulfillment folks weigh our product (CDs, single and multiple in package). Thanks for your input.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Anais, can you confirm that you can get flat-rate envelope as an option on the USPS website's tool, using the same information that FoxyCart is using (weights, destination and origination addresses, etc.)? If USPS is returning it at all, it should be returned on the checkout.

    We usually recommend selecting at least one extra shipping method, particularly for international orders, as some methods don't work for some addresses.
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