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RickWRickW Member
in Help edited April 2011
I've got a client in the dumpster rental business. He wants to be able to to take online orders for the first weeks rental and be able to follow up and then charge by the day if the customer goes over the week minimum. Any suggestions where he can create that second charge? It reminds me of hotel reservations where the hotel puts a hold on your credit card for more than your estimated room charge.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey RickW. You actually have quite a few options... it just depends on how you want to build it out.

    You could add two products to the cart at the same time, one being a daily subscription scheduled with a start date in the future by one week (search the forums for some javascript for dynamically determining a start date) and the other being the immediate payment for the weekly rental. The trick would be disabling that subscription if they don't go beyond a week. That can be done in the FoxyCart admin or via the API if you want to get really fancy.

    Would that work for you? Another option would be to use UOE to setup the daily sub payment manually after the fact, but you'd have to require all your customers to save their payment information in this case.
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