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Live site with now "cannot find tid for this merchant"

patrickpitmanpatrickpitman Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited May 2011
Hi, I've been running a FoxyCart site integrated with for a month now, so far so good. But now customers are reporting this error when attempting to checkout:

Cannot find tid for this merchant no N: Transaction not authorised.
Cancel and Continue Shopping

My search of discussions turned up this issue at but it seems to deal with confusion about testing sites and my site hasn't been in test mode, neither is

I don't see any mention of this error at

Question: Can anyone verify this is a problem originating with the payment gateway and not to be solved within FoxyCart?
  • Hi, it seems that this is a problem that's occured 12 times since going live with FoxyCart in April, thanks to the handy

    And the more I look online, it seems a / SECPay issue with the account being in test mode. But I've verified my account is not in test mode. I'm receiving orders, the latest 24 hours ago. So I don't know what's the cause, other than guessing its a connectivity issue that's intermittent with

    Don't see now how this relates to a FoxyCart issue or problem. Maybe this doesn't need any follow-up from FoxyCart tech support. But I do welcome any perspective or suggestions from others using SECPay or
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Have you contacted them about the issue? They may be able to shed some light on it as well. With the error log timestamps, you may be able to track it down to a specific timeout or issue with their system. If there is an error case that we're not properly catching, we definitely would like to know about it.
  • As an update, first suggested the 'tid cannot be found for this merchant' error was coming from a misconfiguration with the username field at but that's not the problem.

    At present, it seems the likely problem is resulting because customers are attempting to pay with AMEX and the gateway is not set up to accept AMEX. So instead of giving a helpful error message back like "credit card type not accepted" the error was "Cannot find tid for this merchant"

    I don't know if Foxycart has anything to do with giving a more useful error back, but probably you're just passing along the unhelpful reply from, which they acknowledged was unhelpful but said giving a more helpful error message was "noncritical".
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for sharing the extra info. That indeed is a lame. Perhaps the best option would be to get an AmEx account so you could accept them. In our experience it's definitely worth having.

    If not, you could use a bit of javascript to detect if the first number of the cardnumber entered starts with a 3, and throw an error preventing checkout if so. I'm pretty sure there's some code floating around on our forum for that, but I can't find it I found it.
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