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First let me say, Foxycart is awesome! You guys did a great job.

Now for my problem... I need to have a second textbox for a second line of embroidery on lab coats, which will increase the price by $4.00. I know based another post, that I'll have to make a checkbox with the extra price attribute {p+4.00}, which when clicked dynamically generates the second textbox.

I know, well, lets just say 'very little' about javascript. I tried a couple of things I found online, one of which worked... but it gave me major validation errors. Any help on some simple, xhtml valid code to do this (click +4.00 checkbox, and a text box appears) would be greatly appreciated.

  • I was actually able to figure it out. :)

    Here's the code I used, which validated for xhtml.

    in the <head> section, just after the FoxyCart files:
    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"><!--
    function textline() {

    in the body section:
    <!-- First Text Box Label and Box-->
    <label class="label_left">Text Line 1:&nbsp;&nbsp;</label>
    <input type="text" name="Text_Line_1" size="20"/>
    <!-- Second Text Box Label -->
    <label class="label_left">Text Line 2: $4.00&nbsp;</label>
    <!-- Check Box to Enable Second Text Box-->
    <input type="checkbox" onclick="textline()" name="Text_Line_2_Cost" value="+4.00{p+4.00}"/>
    <!-- Second Text Box -->
    <input type="text" name="Text_Line_2" disabled="disabled" size="20"/>
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    labcoat, thanks for your kind words and for sharing with the community!
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