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Upgrade Best Practices

kscotbarrkscotbarr Member
in Help edited May 2011
I need to upgrade 2 stores from 0.4.0 to 0.7.1. Would you recommend making the jump all at once, or making incremental upgrades to each version? Also, is there any way to test without having the store be live?

It would be really nice if there was a clear upgrade path and specific steps to follow when performing an upgrade.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I would suggest doing it incrementally, at least for 040 - 050 - 060 - 070. The step from 070 to 071 is not really store impacting, but more of a focus on behind the scenes stuff.

    If you check out this page on the wiki: - it has notes for upgrading to each individual version. If you were feeling game, you could jump straight to 071 and just go through each step and complete any changes required, but that's up to you.

    In terms of doing it on a non-live store, you can do this, you'll just need to setup another store to use as a test account. Just setup a new store and copy across all your settings from your live store to the test store. For the gateway, you can just set that to the test servers of the same payment gateway option. This would also require that you have a ghost/test copy of your live site also to make any required changes.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Fwiw, I'd definitely recommend setting up a test store, but whether you upgrade incrementally or in one jump depends on how you're doing things. I'd probably set up a test store and a test site if you could, then just set the store to v0.7.1 and fix everything that's broken (while going through the changelogs one by one).
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Brett. I'm going to go ahead and make the big jump and fix things that break, as suggested. Will let you know how it goes!
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