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I'm trying to setup my first store using FoxyCart. Maybe I'm missing something, but how does FoxyCart calculate state sales tax and at what rates? What if I need to charge sales tax for sales shipped to some states and not others? I'm not a tax expert, but my client claims he must charge sales tax on only certain states when selling/shipping wine.... can this be done with FoxyCart?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Our current tax system is limited to charging tax if the customer is shipping the products to the same state that the store resides in. In that case, the default tax rate specified in the category that the product being purchased belongs to will be used to calculate the tax. There's also a "force taxes" option on the category which will let you force the taxes to be charged, regardless of the customer state.

    In the future we'll have a more robust tax system which you can vote for here:

    One way you could get around this with the current system is ask your customers up front what state they are in. From there, you could create separate categories with the various tax rates you are supposed to charge and specify the category (and thus, the tax rate) by the information you gained from the customer. That's not ideal, we know, but it would work until we get the "Super Tax" system developed.
  • Thanks for your response. Any estimate on when "Super Tax" might be available... a few months, 6 months or longer? I love what I've seen so far in FoxyCart, but the limited tax system may eliminate FoxyCart as a viable solution for our site. Thanks.
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