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Failed Subscription

grantmxgrantmx Member
in Help edited July 2008
I'm a newbie to Foxycart and considering using along with a handy Expression Engine extension I found for an upcoming project. My question is regarding the Subscriptions. What happens when a subscription fails? Do I get a notification? Does my processor post the failed transaction info back to foxycart? How is the failed subscription re-ran, or if at all? Do I ask too many questions...? ;)

Thanks guys!
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    This is an area that we will definitely be improving in the future. We use the subscription system ourselves to manage FoxyCart subscriptions, so we know what weaknesses it has. When a subscription fails, you'll see an error in the error log and en error on the subscriptions page. In the future, we'll have an automated email that will go out to the store users to let them know what failed. If a subscription does fail, our suggestion is to send your users a link to /cart?cart=updateinfo so they can update their credit card information or you can send them a link to pay you directly the amount that failed and update their payment information at the same time, something like /cart?cart=checkout&name=backpayment&price=15

    We'd love your feedback on this, especially as it relates to existing extensions. We might start out with just providing an RSS feed that could be processed and handled however you wish.
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