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Recurring affiliate payments for subscription?

mwinsteinmwinstein Member
in Help edited July 2008

I'm considering integrating my FoxyCart subscription product the iDevAffiliate program. Since my product is a recurring billing subscription, I'd like to pay my affiliates each month (as long as the subscriber keeps paying).

Do you know if I can do this with the iDevAffiliate integration?
  • Well...that depends. If you login to the iDev admin demo here:

    And then go to the recurring help here, you can see a little bit more about how they work -- plus you should be able to test them in the demo:

    I have worked with iDev briefly, but never used it in production, since we moved to affiliate networks. (The networks generally do not support recurring commissions though, unless you just re-report your sales each month when they bill.) I think the main thing you'll have to do some processing with is to create a "not renewed" or "cancelled" list from the foxy datafeed so you can know which recurring commissions to not approve and remove from payment.

    Perhaps you could also just have any valid foxy Datafeed trigger a new commission, and not use the recurring part of iDev at all? That wouldn't let you really account for how long the customer has been with you to the affiliate, but it would pay affiliates every time you billed a customer successfully, new or recurring. (And you could skip all the manual auditing/approval of the recurring payment list this.)

    Note that with the info here, since this is on the receipt webpage, I *think* this would only trigger on the initial would probably have to code something to act on the datafeed if you wanted to trigger new commission on each recurring billing (versus letting iDev auto-create the commissions each month).

    Then again, we offered a group of affiliates a choice like (a) 100% commission one-time, OR (b) 10% commission for life -- and over 90% of the affiliates chose the money up-front one-time payment. (Which actually really surprised me.)

    Just thinking out loud. Your mileage will probably vary wildly. :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    My 2 cents (sorry it took so long):
    You should be able to create a recurring affiliate payout in iDev using the built in functionality. (I could be wrong. We're actually going to be looking at that at some point for something so I'll figure it out.)

    So you could add a commission using the regular code (I think). The trick would be _stopping_ the commission once the subscription cancels. Currently the easiest option is going to be doing that manually, because the iDev code is encoded/encrypted, and FoxyCart doesn't send notifications on a _stopped_ subscription. (You could conceivably involve another database and script, but... if you're not doing a ton of affiliate sales right now, doing it manually would be easier.)

    So... that should work. I'll be poking around in iDev over the next couple of weeks and I'll update this thread if I have any new revelations, but I think you should be fine as is.
  • I did speak with iDev and the hand approach seems like it will be fine. Who'd want to unsubscribe anyway??!!
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