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Urgent - I'm losing sales - getting errors, and don't know why

mwinsteinmwinstein Member
in Help edited July 2008
I've got what looks like 5 attempted purchases of my product since going live, and 5 errors.

I just did my own live test with a real credit card and it worked fine. The fellow with the two long error messages is a friend, so he called me. He said his card is fine.

Can you help me figure this out: Three errors say "No Transaction ID Found. "

The two from my friend say "Error: There was an error processing your credit card: (10505 Gateway Decline) This transaction cannot be processed."

Here's the product page
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey mwinstein. We just logged into your account and if you take a look at the details of your error log you'll notice you only have one failed transaction attempt. Both of the "10505 Gateway Decline" errors came from the same customer. I did some Google searching for you and that appears to be a PayPal AVS (address verification) error. Basically, the billing address the customer used for that card was incorrect and your PayPal account is probably configured to be pretty strict on that stuff. You may want to contact PayPal and relax that a bit or contact the customer via the information in the error log and ask them to contact their bank for a correct billing address for that payment card. When the gateway sends us an error, all we can do is display that error and fail. That error certainly isn't very descriptive, though, so we'll see what we can do to get more information from PayPal.

    The "no transaction id found" error is not exactly a failed transaction. We're still looking into the exact causes of it, but in a nutshell it usually involves window shoppers who leave their computers long enough for their session to expire. We've been looking into ways to avoid this error and may have some solutions in future versions which would also allow for saved carts and wishlists. Stay tuned.
  • cool! thanks!
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