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i have just developed a beautiful web store using foxycart + modx (all i can say is "wow"). however, my client is currently using yahoo e-commerce (gross!) and needs the following features before he will agree to switch:
[li]view CC# in email receipt[/li]
[li]print a range of receipts (not too concerned with this as he can see them on the view/export page[/li]
[li]authorize ONLY (not authorize + capture) so he can process credit cards offline[/li]
[li]yahoo currently allows him to add comments to orders, change addresses and status (such as "fraudulent")[/li]

i realize some of these may be considered "feature request" but if these things are not possible, perhaps you have some suggestions for pitching foxycart to this client. thanks!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Steve.
    Let's see if we can help you.

    1. CC# in the email is never going to happen with any legitimate ecommerce platform. Emails are sent in cleartext (as opposed to ciphertext (encrypted text)), and can go through a number of servers en route from point A (the FoxyCart server) to point B (the customer's mail server). It's a pretty gross security violation that's just not ever going to be acceptable.

    Sorry, I don't mean to be harsh or anything, but it's just not something FoxyCart is ever going to do, because if we do we'd instantly be opening ourselves up for a world of hurt, liability wise. I, for one, would be _pissed_ if my credit card number came into my inbox.

    Why does he want this? Yahoo's not doing this, are they?

    2. Printable receipts (in the way you're asking for) are something that may be coming in our next version. The functionality is there but we may or may not actually implement it immediately, as it kind of relates to a few other pieces of functionality that aren't ready yet.

    3. That's actually a really good request, but that'd be handled on your gateway, not FoxyCart. But you should have no problem setting that up with any solid gateway.

    4. That's actually getting into the realm of "FoxyBack-MODx", which will be released to the community soon. It's a VERY flexible and modular order manager / integration for FoxyCart + MODx. is where it will live. We (not the official FoxyCart "we", but the unofficial The Man Can "we") have been working some kinks out, but it's now on 3 live sites, integrated with 2 different fulfillment companies, and managing FoxyCart customers -> MODx webusers. Anyway... if you're interested in that let me know. There are no docs for it yet, but it's pretty interesting.

    Sorry if I sound harsh about #1 above. You should be able to convince your client that sending a CC# in the clear is a VERY bad idea, and could get him in a lot of trouble (both business-wise and legal). There are very specific rules regarding the storage of credit card numbers (google for PCI compliance), and that's a very, very egregious violation.

    The other items are either here or coming soon, so hopefully that helps. Let me know. (Again, sorry to be such a jerk with item #1, but it's a big concern on our end.)
  • hey brett, thanks so much for your reply!

    1. this make total sense and it surprised me too... im honestly not sure if the CC is included in the email, however he was able to click on "invoice" and generate a PDF which included the CC#. which leads to...
    2. i hope this is something you can implement soon, as most of my clients use printed invoices to process/package their orders, and i can't switch them to foxycart without this basic feature! the ideal scenario would be to search for a range of transactions, select some and then print all of the selected invoices (using my template, of course)!
    3. this sounds pretty basic, although i expected this to be an option in foxycart's payment processor settings, like in zen-cart. i'm assuming that has this functionality?
    4. this sounds AMAZING, and will convert any modx user who has yet to see "the light" (aka foxycart). i would love to be a beta-tester!

    thanks again!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    1. I honestly can't imagine Yahoo Stores sending an email with a CC#, but let me know if that's the case.

    2. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. This would definitely be possible with FoxyBack-MODx. I wouldn't hold my breath for FoxyCart to do the sort of batch printing you're talking about, but FoxyBack-MODx should be able to handle.

    3. Currently we're leaving that to the gateway settings. I haven't done it in for a while myself, but I'm fairly sure you can set that in

    4. Hit that link again. I've added a Google Group for announcements. We'll announce when we put some code in the repository. You might be an "alpha tester" more than a "beta tester" at this point; it's definitely functional and powerful, but it still has some rough edges and almost no documentation ;)
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