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jrochmanjrochman Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited June 2007
Flexible discounting would be a great feature. Discounting by quantity of individual product, category level, etc. Discounting by user, usergroup,etc. And that the discounting is intelligent enough to apply the maximum discount if a user gets a discount and then hits a quantity discount.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited January 2008
    I actually just had a discounting discussion regarding usergroups/users. Assuming you're using MODx (or any other system that allows you to change content based on user/usergroup), this would be more a function of your CMS than FoxyCart. You could have a single price TV and modify it based on usergroup. Or you could have separate TVs and display them based on usergroup.

    Quantity or order value discounting by product or category:
    That's actually on our list, but is currently below additional payment and shipping gateways. (We'll probably post some sort of roadmap in the very near future.) In addition to quantity based discounts, we're planning on value based (like, "$5 off book orders over $50").

    Question: Could you explain a bit more how you'd like to see the "intelligence" applied regarding maximum discount amount? We have some ideas but I'd love to know how much control/intelligence you'd need.

    Total Cart Value:
    This is on the roadmap too.

    Bulk coupon code generation:
    This is the one I'm really excited about. Generate coupon codes in bulk for use in a mail merge or something. Way cool, 'cuz I've had to do this semi-manually in the past.
  • I do not think I am talking about a lot of intelligence here :-D I think it is best demonstrated by examples.

    A case of wine is 12 bottles. When A user buys a case they get 10%, 2-3 cases gets 15%, and 4 or more gets 20%.

    Customer A gets a 12% discount. (In my examples this is a discount on any product, but it should be flexible enough to limit the customer to a product or category)

    Bottle of Wine = $10.00

    Order 1:
    2 Bottles of Wine = $20.00
    Discount = $2.40 (12% from the Customers Discount)

    Order 2:
    12 Bottles of Wine = $120.00
    Discount = $14.40 (12% from the Customers Discount. The 10% quantity discount is ignored)

    Order 3:
    24 Bottles of Wine = $240.00
    Discount = $36.00 (15% from the Quantity Discount. The 12% customer discount is ignored).

    Order 4:
    24 Bottles of Wine = $240.00
    01 Logo Hat = $10.00
    Discount = $37.20 ($36 from the 15% Quantity Discount that only applies to wine and $1.20 from the 12% discount that applies to the hat).

    Now of course it should also be flexible enough, if someone so chooses that they could allow discounts to "stack", whereas the customer discount could be added on top of the quantity discount (i.e. Order 3 would have a total of a 27% discount).

    What ideas did you have for intelligence?
  • When will foxycart support Coupon codes?

    like buy1get1 free
    or free items added to cart with coupon code
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We haven't set a deadline for this feature yet... but I'm sure we'll get to it soon, especially if we get customers who need it before they can go live.
  • I'm fairly interested in even a basic implementation of this, such as being able to set a category rule where X quantity being sold leads to Y% discount.
  • I agree with Sheeley, that a Category Rule would be great. I know you are probably tired of hearing about Magento, but take a look at the flexibility they are trying to accomplish with discounting:

    It might be overkill, but I have come to find that discounting is a part of almost all stores, and every store owner does it a little bit different.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Heads up that this is definitely on our radar. Our goal with everything we do is to keep it as flexible as possible, because you're right in saying everybody does it differently.

    We'll keep you posted on this one. If you have an example of how you need it to function, put it on this thread so we can be sure to be cover that scenario.
  • Just wanted to post and say that I too would like to see functionality as jrochman has mentioned above, particularly with category rules. I am going to have a difficult time going live with out this function.
  • I have to have quantity discounts in order to launch. I'd prefer to signal that the product should have a discount through a call in the link such as


    And then specify the logic of the quantity discount in FoxyCart Admin. That way, I can determine which product should get the discount on my end.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Huh... very interesting. Thanks for the idea bdog. So for the most flexibility, we could allow you to setup your various discount options per category and then on top of that give you the option to pass in a flag to activate the discount or not. Very cool... I like it. Discounting is definitely important and we'll make it happen.

    Our forum members are foxy smart. Thanks everyone for helping us make this cart awesome.

    btw... one of our loyal fans did a screencast that should be coming out soon. stay tuned.
  • I'll add a plug/desire for a discounting system -- obviously the more flexible the better but even getting an initial basic system in place could be helpful.

    My $0.02...
  • I would rather a gift-certificate option. For coupon codes, make it server based- have a set of server-side scripts I could use and customize on my end and send the totals to foxycart.

    I say this because coupon codes can get so tricky and complicated. Options are:
    [li]one-time (on or off)[/li]
    [li]can be used with other discounts (on, off, or variable)[/li]
    [li]based on usertypes[/li]

    Then you have the choices of whether this user-group can use coupons or quantity discounts.

    The same could be said for shipping though and you guys did a phenomenal job on working that out.
  • I too need to implement some discounting similar to mentioned above. A user will pay $12 for half a case of chips, and 21 for a full case. Am I correct in assuming that that functionality is currently not available?

  • Taff: If it's that simple, you could set the price using javascript with no real need for coupons. Something like this:
    <option value="Half Case{p:12}">Half Case of Delicious Chips</option
    <option value="Full Case{p:21}">Full Case of Delicious Chips</option>
    see this page (although it has stuff more relating to modx):
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Heads up to all: We're actually working on this right now, so it should be here in our next version. Don't ask when that'll be though ;)

    @ProWebscape: You can control user group based discounts in your CMS (you're a Joomla guy, right?), since FoxyCart doesn't really handle anything in that area.

    @jrochman: As far as the intelligence goes, we're not there yet, but I _think_ you could fake it with MODx snippets and perhaps some JSON. We'll reexamine the intelligence a little down the road with some other improvements we have in the works.
  • Thanks for your reply Sheeley, unfortunately it isn't quite that simple. The customer can pick and mix to gain 6 bags of chips from 3 different flavours. I think they will have to pay the full price for now, until the enxt version comes out.

  • Taff: Ah, that is a bit more complex. As long as they are adding them at once, however, you should still be able to set price based on the quantity using javascript. I can see how it'd be much simpled to just have some sort of rules in place, though. :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Well, since we all talking about it... here's a preview of what we're working on:

    This would be doing a quantity based discount which discounts by amount (as opposed to percentage, which we'll also have). The name of the discount (which will show up like a product option) would be "Amount Discount by Quantity" and the tiers for the discount are described inside the {} brackets like so:

    2-4 items: subtract 25 cents per item
    5-9 items: subtract 50 cents per item
    10-19 items: subtract 75 cents per item
    20-49 items: subtract 1 dollar per item
    50 or more items: subtract 2 dollars per item

    Sound good?

    We're thinking it will be pretty flexible and easy to update. We'll also have category-based discount as well. We'll keep you posted.
  • Would there be any safeguards to prevent a person from saving the form locally, changing the values then submitting it with a greater discount?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    We're going to solve that problem throughout the whole system together, not just with discounts. Most likely it will involve an encryption system you can install on your site to pass all your product strings through before sending them to FC.

    As to when we're going to solve that one...

    In the meantime, you can setup your validation system on the XML Datafeed that comes back so you can verify the prices before you actually ship the product.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Quantity-based and value-based discounts added to v0.3.2:

    Let us know what you think.
  • Do you think this setup could be used for shipping as well?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Not really, not yet. We'll be doing a massive revamp of our shipping in the coming [time period], but we have a few things to tackle first.
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