Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Two Accounts

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
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This is in response to @mt's comments from this thread.

Hey @mt. In digging into your site a bit I found what I'd missed previously, which is that you seem to have two different Google Analytics accounts and two different pagetrackers. I think that's the major problem. While I believe that it can be done (though personally I have no experience with this), there does seem to be a greatly increased chance of rain fubar with it. This SO post has some interesting links and details.

To test:
* Clear cookies for your domain.
* Google "solemate".
* Hit that link and check the __utmz cookie. You'll see that it says it's "organic" (among other things).
* Hit the "Our Products" nav item and watch the __utmz cookie switch to "direct".

Are you using two different pagetrackers for a particular reason? I'd see if there's another way to do what you're doing, or let me know the details, as I'd love to learn more about your goals and setup.
  • Hmmm.. on the products page, the first one is the GWO tracking script, the second one is the regular GA tracking script.

    The profile UA-11270471-2 profile is the code that GWO gave me to track conversions. I only have a single profile in Google Analytics so I assume Google uses this to keep the information separate.

    If I remove the regular site tracking script will I still see the results in GA? I thought GWO info didn't make it into the GA reports, even though it's based on the same tracking system.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @mt Sorry for the delay. I've been out of the office this week. I'll have to dig in a bit more, but I'm pretty sure you need to use a single GA profile. Or if not, you definitely need to set it up differently. Either way, I'll dig in a bit more in the next few days, but if you want to try going through the setup / docs for GWO again that might help, because how it's set up right now is definitely borked (before FoxyCart is involved at all).
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