Trying to get cart to accept "0" items in multi-item order fomr

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Can you please take a look at this: Butterfly Wallet Dealer Order Page

Since I'm selling to dealers a minimum of 12 units at a time, the goal is to let them purchase as many units as they like in a variety of colors all at once instead of having to keep hitting the "keep shopping" button on the cart.

I have tried setting the quantity_min to zero (for black only so far, to test), but I can't get the cart to register anything less than 1 unit.

Also, is there an easy way using FC to assure that they purchase at least 12 units? Or do I need to do my own javascript here.

Last question: Why do the items on the checkout page show up in a different order than on the Cart? I think that could be very confusing to my customers...

Is this really the best approach to my issue? What do the "pros" do in a case like this?

  • I see you talked about this as a bug back in May. Is it still a bug? You offered to write some java to fix the problem for that person who was attempting the same thing, but that code wasn't posted. Can you please advise, provide some java, etc?

    Thanks again,
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Qty=0 is something that's been brought up before, and is useful for situations like this. We don't currently support it, but... I'll let Luke respond to that issue.

    Ensuring at least 12 units: What we'd suggest is using the JSON on the cart page to disable the checkout link if quantity<12. It's fairly easy javascript, and I know it's been asked before on the forum you found it on the forum already, but if you need help creating it let us know.

    The ordering of the items has also been brought up recently:

    Kind of interesting that we can go a year with nobody mentioning some of these issues, then in a short time period get a lot of questions about the same thing. It's great, as it lets us know what's important to fix. Thanks for letting us know!
  • I haven't found the issue of disabling the checkout link, can you please point me to that one?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Well... we rarely make a change to existing store versions, but this was a quick fix and an easy win to ensure that you'll love us forever... so we went ahead and implemented the quantity = 0 option. As of this moment, If you pass in 0 as the quantity for store version 0.3.2, that item will not be added to your cart.

    I fought this one a bit since it seemed kind of strange to me... sending data to our service only to tell our service to ignore the data... but if it makes life easier for you and our customers, that's what I'm all about.

    As for the javascript to ensure you have a total of 12 items in the cart before allowing a checkout, I'll have to search the forums a bit for that exact code, but basically it involves checking the json object for a total quantity and if that quantity is less than 12, disabling the checkout button. I'll let Brett respond with more details.
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    Was away from my project for a bit. Seems like my not taking action was time well spent! All I can say is, you guys rock! You're my kind of people! Thanks for the "O" fix.

    Also, thank you! thank you! for posting the minimum quantity code!!!!! I especially appreciate that I didn't even have to change the quantity from 12 :-)) It was just total plug and play.

    I was looking forward to spending all day hacking around. Instead, mission accomplished in 2 minutes!

    Thanks again...

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