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Subscription and normal product in one transaction

intandemintandem Member
in General edited September 2011
This is probably a stupid question but I have never worked with subscriptions before: Are there any issues with a customer placing a standard product (ie. pay once) and a subscription product into the same cart? Will FoxyCart charge for the standard product as well as the first month's subscription in this transaction and then later charge the subscription amount at the set frequency?

Have a proposal to do up for a potential customer where their current web person has not been able to combine the two products into one cart (using a different non-FoxyCart solution), which is causing a lot of problems.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey intandem! There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers when we fail to understand the question. :)

    Yes, you're exactly right. The non-subscription products can be in the cart at the same time without any problems. When the subscription template is created for the next time the subscription payment runs, it will contain only the subscription line items. As long as you leave the start date empty on the subscription, it will charge the first payment when they check out. If you set it in the future, it will have a future line item in the cart.

    I hope that helps and I didn't confuse things worse. :)
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