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Selling tickets to events? (Pre-install question)

lumafluxlumaflux Member
in Help edited August 2008
I use MODx for my CMS and would like to use Foxy cart on our site for two different sections. One is for apparel and another is for events to local venues.

My question lies with the ticket purchase. (I am considering Ticketleap since I can just insert code into the page displaying the information about the event, but would like to use Foxy Cart.)

Do I have to make a page (document) special for the ticket page or can I just insert a snippet or code to individual pages (documents).

For elaboration.... I have an event in my event calendar, when you click on the event, it takes you to the page with the flyer and details of the event. I would like to offer the tickets on that page, not have them click to another page just to purchase tickets for that event. Is this possible?

Second question if above scenario is not possible:
Can I have two separate shopping sections? One for the apparel and one for tickets?

Thanks in advance!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi lumaflux!

    > Do I have to make a page (document) special for the ticket page or can I just insert a snippet or code to individual pages (documents).

    You can really handle it however you'd want. If your events are unique enough that it makes sense to "one-off" them and just build the FoxyCart "add to cart" form (or a "registration" form) on the page itself (in the content, another TV you create, or etc.) you could do that. If your events are frequent and standard, you'd probably want to create a template with some TVs (date, ticket price, etc.) and make handle it with Ditto.

    So from the sound of it, you'd want to add a form to your template that displays the event details and flier. You'd have the flier, the details, and an add-to-cart form to order tickets. You could use PHx to show/hide that form depending on the date, as well, so you wouldn't display the form for past events.

    You can definitely have 2 shopping sections, but they'd be the same store (with the same checkout and cart). But you could tweak the receipt email if you want on a per-category basis. So you could have an event category in FoxyCart that sends a separate (or additional) email to the customer, perhaps with information like "Arrive 15 minutes early. No food or drink is allowed. Your tickets will be at will-call. etc."

    Make sense?
  • a9ka9k Member
    If there are a limited number of tickets, you may also need to use the XML feed to keep track of ticket sales
    Watch out for refunds too - your accounting person may just refund at but not adjust your ticket inventory!
  • cfncfn Member
    I've got a client who runs events and will soon be needing something similar, so when you mentioned TicketLeap I immediately went to their site to check it out. I found this on their FAQ:
    How do I get paid? The day after your event is completed, we send you a check for the full amount of what is owed to you.

    That just sounds bad and it actually kind of shocks me. My clients are mostly small business owners and if they are planning an event they need the funds as they come in (in order to pay facility fees, travel, etc.) so TicketLeap would be a cashflow disaster for them.

    EventBrite seems to run a good service, especially the ticket management part of it. The downside to their service is that they take the buyer offsite to buy (to a subdomain on the EventBrite site). The buyer has to use PayPal to purchase, and you have to receive funds through PayPal or Google Checkout.

    So for what you are trying to do, keeping customers in your site instead of going off site, my vote for this functionality is with Foxy + the payment gateway of your choice.
  • Great! Thanks for all the great input. I will review all your comments and start to implement Foxy Cart in to my site and let you know how it goes.
    @Brett - Yes, it makes sense so far. I come back if things go awry.
    @a9k - Great points. There will be a set number of tickets.
    @s9 - Right now we use Wantickets and has the same payment structure as TicketLeap... pay after. It is a pain and glad to see that I can use Foxy Cart instead. I get paid on my terms and keep everything in house.
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