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Updates rolled out today for GEOIP lookups and country/state name lookups

lukeluke FoxyCart Team
in Important News edited October 2011
We don't often make changes that impact live store versions, but today we rolled out a few changes and wanted to make you aware of them in case you notice anything unusual that might be related.
    [li]Geo location IP lookups for country codes and names used to hit the database but are now pulling from our server variables which should give us a small bump in performance.[/li]
    [li]Many parts of FoxyCart interact with customer records and we noticed one of our most common queries was looking up the state name and country name for the give state code and country code. We added a layer of caching here to improve this common query.[/li]
If you notice anything strange related to country names, country codes, state names or state codes on the checkout page or in the admin, please let us know. We don't expect to see any change at all.
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