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I am working with a client who really has no preference regarding which payment gateway to use. He has left it up to me to decide which gateway to use based on cost and ease of implementation.

I see here that FoxyCart recommends "Total Apps" and "CDG Commerce" as their preferred merchant vendors of choice. However, those may simply be affiliate relationships that make money for FoxyCart, and perhaps they aren't the best solutions.

The list of supported gateways in the "payment" configuration is much smaller than the list of merchants that FoxyCart supports. For instance, Intuit Quickbooks is supported, but not listed...and apparently is not easy to implement. I assume that the gateways that are listed in the "payment" configuration of the store setup are those that are the easiest to implement and will provide the most turn-key options (and the least amount of custom code)? Is that a safe assumption?

I wanted to ask and see if there is any feedback regarding which payment gateway to use. Any recommendations on ease of implementation? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    Hey Brian,

    Any gateways that are listed as supported on our wiki should be available in the payment section of the administration - although some may only be available on the latest version of FoxyCart (now version 072). What version was your store set to that you couldn't see Intuit in the options on the payment page?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @brianvanh, to your "perhaps they aren't the best solutions": Though it is true that we have affiliate relationships with many merchant account providers (more than Total-Apps and CDG), we take our recommendations very, very seriously. We get approached by merchant account providers weekly (at least) offering % of sales and % of profit and etc.

    It's a skeezy industry, to be sure, but the recommendations we make are made based on what's best for our users. Total-Apps is a truly fantastic offering, partly because they offer competitive pricing, but mostly because they offer service that we simply haven't seen elsewhere. Not to say there aren't other potentially great options, but we feel good about recommending them. And we'd recommend them even without the financial incentive.

    (I know, seems unlikely, but we'll even do things like recommend people to use another ecommerce system if it seems like something else would meet their needs better than FoxyCart. I guess you ultimately have to take our word for all that, but we do it pretty often.)

    Also, what gateway to use depends on some other things like the country, and if you're doing a ton of international sales that might be something to take into consideration as well. One thing is that it is a really sleazy industry, so regardless whom you use I'd recommend getting some feedback from unbiased sources. You don't want a bait and switch, which happens a lot with differences between qual and non-qual rates and such.

    Oh and as far as the Intuit gateway goes: In v0.7.2 we've changed the setup so it's WAY easier. If you do go that route, make sure you're using v0.7.2.
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