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brettbrett FoxyCart Team
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Hello all. This will be the "official" feature request thread for German store support. Please let us know what
[li]payment gateways[/li]
[li]shipping cariers (will UPS work?)[/li]
[li]unique tax structures[/li]
[li]other unique Germany-specific requests[/li]
you'd like to see for German-based stores. Thanks!
  • To startup quickly payment should be implemented first for a german foxycart.

    At least it should be direct debiting system, invoice (account), cash on delivery, prepayment. A good amount of shops could deal with this.
    additional: giropay (an advanced direct debiting) and per credit card should be added.
    moduls for paypal, t-pay, telepay, ... chould be added later, they aren't very favored in GE.

    Also shippment could be added later.

    Annother good idea is to provide an optional "textfield product entry", e. g. for pharmacies that act locally with a bring service (and don't afford a product db).
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey nos.

    Please forgive me if I'm not understanding you correctly, but I think you're saying:

    1) You'd like a payment gateway first (you call this direct debiting, yes?)
    - If we can find something we can implement, it might just happen... not sure when though.
    2) You'd prefer giropay over other options
    - I can't find an english version of giropay's website... unless you could send us all their integration API's, docs, sample code, etc... It will be a little difficult to implement. We have a German translator who could help us out, but it would involve some $$$.
    3) Beyond a payment gateway, you'd also like to have invoiceable accounts, CODs and prepayments.
    - Invoiceable accounts and CODs can actually be done right now via "Purchase Orders". Prepayments is an interesting idea we haven't thought much about yet. I'm not sure if this would be handled best by FoxyCart or on your own website with your own customer management system and accounting package linked into your website to show or hide links to purchase products.
    4) Shipping isn't a priority just yet
    - Sweet. I hear DHL and UPS operate in Germany, though when I hit up, I couldn't find any online rate calculator api info.
    5) By "textfield product entry", do you mean you want to allow customers to type in what they want?
    - If this is what you mean, check out They are doing exactly this. They also are using the Purchase Order as described in number 3 above. Our wiki has some info on how you can hide the purchase order field like they are doing.

    I hope I got everything... please let me know if I missed you somewhere.
  • nosnos Member
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    hi luke, just looking in again (was missing the notification of this thread)
    1. with direct debiting i mean a payment common here (i.e. amazon). You give your bank account and the money is booked off. Should be an option here for trusted shops.
    2. giropay is an advanced kind of direct debiting. It is provided by PayPal, Click&Buy and Moneybookers at this time. i feel it has some potential in spreadding. I haven't found an engl. page neither. Maybe you research the a. m.
    3. invoiceable accounts seem OK, COD ? what is this (paying with credit cards? How to implement Cards used here?) and prepayments should be implemented to complete for anxious people.

    The other news on fc look hopfully for a german shop, So I could give it a try this days (a. o. textfield entry could be nice for my client).
  • nosnos Member
    a remark:
    the sign of separation in some Euro countries is a comma instead of a point between Euro and euro cent.
    Should be changed.
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