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USPS First Class Mail rate not displaying

lukeluke FoxyCart Team
in Important News edited January 2012
It's just come to our attention that the First Class mail rates for USPS are not displaying correctly due to a change in their rate system that started yesterday. Their notice to us on the 6th of this month about this change went straight to spam so we weren't aware of it. We'll be working on making the necessary changes to all versions ASAP and get this back up and running for you and your customers. For more information, see this thread:
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Ok, it should be working correctly now. Due to an in consistency with how they setup "codes" for their First Class rates (they are all set to "0"), we had to match against the name as well. Since they changed the name from First-Class Mail® Package to First-Class Mail® Parcel, it was throwing off the system.
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