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Just launched our "replatformed" site

AndreasAndreas Member
in General edited February 2012
I'm excited to share my company's site which we "replatformed" on WordPress and Foxycart:

(PS, if you see anything you like, use coupon code andreaspi for 20% off, but it expires 3/14/12 - get it my name + pi, expiring on pi day? sorry to math-geek-out.)

A little back story: Sprigs hired me in November as a consultant to help wrap up a project that was started in March, went live in August but still had a lot of "pending" functionality and bugs (my first round of QA identified over 50 issues.) We lost confidence in the developers and I reached out to a former colleague and friend to ask what he could do within our budget.

He came back recommending WordPress as a CMS and Foxycart as cart/checkout and I am THRILLED he did. We now have almost everything we wanted in the first place and what we don't have is on the to-do list because of budget and time (we had a deadline because of a national print ad running with a coupon code we could not add on our old platform).

We love the ease of use of WordPress as a CMS (I was already familiar with it and our developer gave us a simple way to add/update/remove products) and Foxycart as a cart/checkout/admin. Frankly, I can't believe how good Foxycart is - especially for the money.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing your story. The site looks great! Very well done. We really, really appreciate your feedback.
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