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Name on credit card question

lobstersanlobstersan Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited September 2008
I've got a question regarding how the name on the credit card is processed / issued. I'm using FoxyCart and PayPal web payments pro as my gateway. I had to issue a refund to one of my customers, and this process is taking a very long time (90 days) and there seems to be some complication with it which necessitates my customer to fill out paperwork.

My customer has asked what name on the credit card was sent to PayPal, and thus sent on to the credit card company for the refund. I'm wondering if the name used in Foxy Cart (first name, last name used in customer information section) is the name that is attached to the credit card? Or is the name attached to the credit card not important? Is there a different convention for setting the credit card name if it is different from the name on the billing address?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    That's an interesting question. Since the fieldset for the billing information is "Billing Information", and since AVS (address verification service) usually only checks the zip and sometimes the numeric portion of the address, there really isn't (as far as we're concerned) a difference between the billing address and the name on the card. In other words, the billing address doesn't necessarily need to include a name for any processing function, so we don't feel the need to collect it separately.

    If this seems "wrong" let us know. It's the first time it's come up, so I don't think it's bad the way we're doing it, but in the world of ecommerce anything can happen.

    So, in case that didn't answer your question:
    There's only one "billing name" for the transaction.

    As far as issuing the refund goes:
    What's the issue with it? Issuing refunds with PayPal is probably the easiest refund process I've seen (and they don't charge you transaction fees, which is nice). I've never heard of a refund taking 90 days, especially through PayPal. (I've issued many refunds on many systems, and can't imagine it taking that long unless there was some sort of conflict going on. Is that the case?)
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