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Single Sign On Issue

tommytommy Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited March 2012

We are having a slight problem with our SSO setup. When a non-registered user adds something to their cart and checks out they obviously need to register first before they complete their checkout. When they click on the register button the redirect in the URL goes away and after they login it directs them back to the homepage. We have installed Peters Login/Logout Redirect plugin in our wordpress site and are using this value for post registration:

This is at least working to get them through to the checkout after the register but we constantly get SSO Timestamp errors which is probably due to an old link. Also, when a user just wants to register and not checkout it redirects them to the checkout page because of the plugin.

We would like to steer away from using the login redirects plugin but there is no other way that we know of to get around this.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Tommy. Do you require users to be logged in before they can check out? One option would be to just pass in a 0 for the foxycart customer id and then use the datafeed to create the customer automatically after the checkout. @brett may have some more suggestions as well as he's played with various SSO setups. @foxypress may have some tips as well.
  • Greetings Tommy/Luke,
    Can I ask what the purpose of the 0 would be for the foxycart customer id? We've actually run into this problem for a few other clients and I think they just gave some specific instructions to their users about how the process worked. If @brett has any ideas on how this could be resolved, we'd be thankful!
    Let me know how I can help too by providing any other details.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    Can I ask what the purpose of the 0 would be for the foxycart customer id?

    If a store that is using SSO requires that a user be logged in to purchase, you could also setup the checkout then in turn to only allow account based checkouts (no guest checkout). Then on your SSO endpoint, if the user tries to checkout and is not logged in with the website, the SSO endpoint could pass through a customer ID of 0. This would send them to the checkout unauthenticated, but they would then be forced to create a customer account on the checkout.

    Then on successful checkout, the XML datafeed could be used to sync up the new customer login with the website.
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